Small Items and Gifts

All these small items have been individually made by hand making each one unique. They have either been carved using several special knives or "turned" using a pole-lathe (an old fashioned tool used for making round items, most notably, chair legs). All items are made from locally grown native hardwoods such as Silver Birch, Sycamore, Ash, Rowan and Cherry.

You will find:

•Love Spoons

•Spoons and Spatulas

•Garden Dibbers

•Baby Rattles

•Letter Openers

•Fan Birds

All items can be posted for an additional cost.

Love Spoons

Usually made from sycamore, there is a long Welsh tradition of giving these ornate carved spoons to a loved one.

£65 each (+postage)

Spoons and Spatulas

All spoons and spatulas are individually hand carved and are therefore made in different shapes and sizes. The 3 main types of spoon I carve are:

Eating spoons (from £18 +postage)

Cooking spoons (from £12 +postage)

Serving spoons/Ladles (from £25 +postage).

Spatulas £6 (+postage)


Dibbers are gardening tools used to make a hole in the soil to then plant a bulb, seed or seeding into. The black lines are burned into the wood and are 2cms apart to help the user make a hole to the desired depth.

Dibbers £7 (+postage)


Made from one piece of wood, turned on a pole-lathe. This design has stood the test of time dating back to medieval times!

Rattles £15 (+postage)

Fan Birds

These beautiful wooden birds of Russian origin are delicately hand carved by us from a single piece of wood. They spin gracefully as they hang from a nylon thread. Approximate width 6 inches

From £20 (+postage)

Love Birds

Made from a single piece of wood, these love birds can be hung from the centre where the beaks join on a thread allowing them to spin gracefully in an endless embrace. Perfect wedding or anniversary gift.