Sweet Chestnut coppice 2 months after cutting (May)

The coppice in march

Coppicing with brash fire to burn up twigs

Sweet Chestnut coppice with Oak standards, the felled wood

has been cross-cut to usable lengths awaiting extraction.

Sweet Chestnut regrowth 4 months after cutting (June)

Home-made wood-barrow ideal for small extractions

Making woven panel in the coppice with cleaving break in foreground

Sweet Chestnut coppice in spring, one year after cutting (6ft high)

Bagging up charcoal using grader.

 The kiln in final stages of a burn, note the contrasting

smoke colours of the 3 remaining chimneys

  Kiln shortly after lighting                                        Kiln full of charcoal (what you hope to see!)

Stripping bark off large post with barking spade

Hand-carved love spoon (sycamore)

Fox on trampoline

A selection of my furniture on display at Bentley Woodfair

Chairs in a yurt at Glottenham Farm campsite

An Ash nursing chair with elm bark seating

A selection of milking stools for sale

An old chair I re-seated with elm bark

A set of chairs re-seated with elm bark

A matching set of elm top kitchen stools with ash legs and stretchers

A split yew top stool with turned ash pins and legs

Small solid oak top

table with ash legs

Small solid oak top

Grass Snake by the log stack

Fluorescent spider in the coppice

Weathered Elm and Ash stool (the first piece of furniture I made)

All photos and content copyright 2013, Richard Ely